Free Download Smart Complete – $6 A script that empower your search textbox so users can see the search-able result before they finish typing the whole word! The suggestions can be retrieved from mysql database or a defined array, using ajax technology. Smart Auto Complete Demo Smart Auto Complete FeaturesRead More →

Free Download Simple Chat Script – $5 Simple Chat is a simple lightweight chat script that can be integrated into any PHP page. It includes an admin control for deleting posts etc, uses a custom style sheet which can be completely customized to suit the style of your site. ItRead More →

Free Download Keyword Analyzer – $8 This powerful keyword analyzer can analyze any page you provide it and compare keywords against the data. The benefits of this script are: -Allows for you to check competition with keywords to see how they rank, allowing you to compare it to your websiteRead More →

Free Download rogueBATTLE RPG Script – $10 Ever wanted your very own online multi-player RPG? Well now’s the time. rogueBATTLE is easily customizable via CSS, and with the ability to edit most of the in-game settings, you could be running your very own RPG in minutes! Live Demo: Current NotRead More →

Free Download Video Music Monster / Search Engine – $13 It’s easy, just type in your favorite music and hit search. Listen to your favorite songs and watch related music videos. Video music monster allows you to quickly create, save and modify your lists. Video music monster uses youtube. YouRead More →

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Free Download DomainTools – $5 Domain tools is a class that can be used to get information about a domainname. The information about the domain is retrieved from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa and DNS servers. Check if a domainname is free. Supported extensions: be, biz, cn, com,, de, edu,Read More →

Free Download Html Helper Class – $5 One of the things that can make your scripts really hard to read and take up much space are inline HTML tags. This helper class makes it possible to write inline html tags in a really simple an clean way. Take for exampleRead More →

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