Free Download Knowledge Base – $8 Knowledge Base (KBase) Introduction: KBase aka Knowledge Base is a PHP based web application for maintaining and uploading new articles open to all registered users. The main idea behind KBase is to provide a common platform to users who belong to same or differentRead More →

Free Download Visitors online – $5 Updates 10/11/2009: Can now be used on itranets where users have the same IP address (username required) Choose where you want to save the data file Fix some PHP notices Description This script will show how many visitors there are online on that moment.Read More →

Free Download RenownedDatabase – $5 RenownedDatabase is an easy to integrate database manager. What this means is you, as a developer, can simplify the creation of your sites admin panel by simply installing RenownedDatabase in the backend. RenownedDatabase handles all your CRUD needs (CReation, Updating, Deleting of records) for yourRead More →

Free Download Currency Converter – $5 This PHP class is a multilingual currency converter for over 80 currencies. It uses daily updated exchange rates so the conversions are always correct. This class can for example be used in an online shop to automatic convert prizes of your products to anRead More →

Free Download Advanced System Status – $6 Advanced System Status is a script designed to allow you to easily and quickly add servers to monitor, and add system status messages as required. It has the following advanced features: Totally flat-file driven, no database required! Administration panel to add and deleteRead More →

Free Download Primarius XML Multiple SiteBuilder – $8 Primarius XML Multiple SiteBuilder is a PHP script created for designers that need a simple way to create and manage multiple Flash websites for their clients. Each website outputs its contents as a single XML file (with customizable structure) so it canRead More →

Free Download PHP Error logger – $5 This script also can help you for supporting your clients because you can see what went wrong on a particular date. This can help you solve the problem faster. Logger can be used to log PHP errors and problems instead of showing themRead More →

Free Download Errors Handler – $5 Cache and manage your site errors , the smart way ! Errors Handler allows you to have both customized Apache error pages and the opportunity to be notified by mail when an error occurs on your site, errors handled includes: 401, 403, 404 andRead More →

Free Download Primarius Multiple SiteBuilder – $13 Primarius Multiple SiteBuilder is a PHP script created for designers that need a simple way to create and manage multiple websites for their clients. One script can manage unlimited number of individual websites and each Client can manage his/her own website through aRead More →