Free Download Easy Menu Manager – $12 Easy Menu Manager is an AJAX /PHP powered menu management system. You can add, edit, delete, and reorder menu items easily using this application. Features: Multi menus You can manage multiple menus, for example: top menu, sidebar menu, footer menu, member menu Add,Read More →

Free Download Codeigniter Megamenu and Menu Manager – $12 Summary The Codeigniter megamenu will enable a developer integrate a megamenu into his project. It has a very powerful menu management system and can be incorporated into any Codeigniter application. The latest version is based on the robust Codeigniter version 3Read More →

Free Download Google Map server side Markers clustering v2.4 – $19 Server side markers clustering for Google Maps API v3. Allow to place on your Google map up to 100 000 markers. Developed on pure PHP and MySQL. Google Map Clustering WordPress plugin. Functionality Add/edit/delete and store Markers and MarkerRead More →

Free Download Menu Maker – Codeigniter Plugin – $8 Menu Maker v 1.0 Menu Maker is a flexiable plugin for codeigniter to change Your Web Application navigation bars/menus to Desktop view, fit with 3 styles. Features Easy to integrate 3 Menu style (Black / OS / Windows) 3 Levels FontRead More →

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Free Download MelonHTML5 – Metro UI – $8   OVERVIEW: Metro UI is a flexible and easy to integrate framework to build your one page website in Windows 8 Metro UI. It is fully powered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with plengy of options for you to configure it toRead More →

Free Download ENpaginator: Elegant Navigate Paginator – $14 Try builder here: This item requires JavaScript to work, see how to activate JavaScript if your browsers disabled or just check social stats to see now. ENpaginator: Elegant Navigate Paginator for Everyone, Every site With ENpaginator (by, you may easyRead More →