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Are you looking to start your own Dating Site?

If yes, Okdate is the perfect solution to start your own Dating Website and Apps, In only $39 You can launch your own Startup within 30 minutes!

If you are still wondering on why you need to purchase our script, Just check out the cool points below:

1) Its design, Modern Design similar to https://okcupid.com

2) Premium Support available at https://prodatingscript.com

3) Android and IOS Apps with Push notifications – Only few of the script’s on the dating software industry has this golden feature in the price range below $40

4) Fake Users Generator – Just Enter the Image urls of as much profiles you want and click sumbit, The fake users will automatically be generated!

5) Safe and secure – Built Using Codeigniter, We gurantee you that you will get a full refund If you ever get vulnerability on our script

6) Built for every device – Dating Sites are becoming popular which automatically means that It should work on every device, with our script, It actually works

7) The demo says the rest – What are you waiting for? Check out the demo now!
OKDate is a responsive dating website script + set of iOS and Android apps. It comes with a lot of features that you can find on most of the dating websites + apps. It also has a complete admin area to easily manage the different parts of the website.

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With the integrated payment systems and the customized ad platform, you can easily generate some money with it. I personally use this script in production as the base of my own 250k+ users dating website (type “Snapals” in the Google Play Store to see it).

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It is also mobile optimized so you can easily publish it as a mobile app on the Android and iOs app stores (in a webview for example).
Here is the app of one of our buyers,, approved on the iOs App Store which uses OKDate.

While this app is of same buyer approved on playstore

OKDate is built with the well-known PHP framework CodeIgniter 3.0.0 for the back-end and with Bootstrap 3.0 for the front-end. No need to have any programming skills to put this script live thanks to the complete documentation.

The script will be often updated with new features and you will be able to get these updates for free once the item purchased. I also offer support for this item.

Demo Mode with Admin Account

    Demo Site

    Demo Mode with Admin Account

      Demo Site

      • Username : admin
      • Password : admin


      Main / User Features :

      • CodeIgniter 3.0.0
      • Bootstrap 3.0
      • Multi-Languages Support with auto-redirections
      • Responsive & Customizable Design
      • Ajax / jQuery for Smooth Transitions
      • Animated
      • Flat Design
      • Facebook Login
      • Payment Systems (Paypal, Paygol and Stripe)
      • Complete Coins System
      • Premium Features
      • Ad Platform
      • Complete Forum
      • Live Chat
      • Custom Pages
      • User Profiles with Timeline & Photo Gallery
      • Photo Likes & Comments (just like Facebook)
      • Messaging System
      • Love System
      • Friends & Relation System
      • Customizable Profile
      • Filter Users
      • Profile Visits
      • Upload Photos
      • Smiley Support
      • Google Maps autocomplete for user’s location
      • Report / Block User
      • Analytics Integration
      • and more…

      Admin Features :

      • Quick Stats
      • Admin Dashboard
      • Theme Options
      • Brand your Website (change the name, short name, description, tags)
      • Theme Settings (change the colors, background colors, …)
      • Copy / Paste Analytics Code
      • Enable / Disable Captcha for Users
      • Limit the age for the registration of a new user
      • Add custom fields on user profiles
      • Currency management
      • Configure the online delay
      • Remove the user timeline
      • Disable country selection (it means that your OKDate website can now be restricted to only one country instead of the world)
      • Manage Users
      • Users Generator
      • Manage Languages / Create Language Redirections
      • Manage Forum
      • Manage Custom Pages
      • Manage Premium Features
      • Edit / Delete a User
      • Add Coins to Users
      • Search User by Username
      • Reported Users
      • Manage Payments (enable / disable payment features)
      • Configure Paypal or/and Stripe or/and Paygol
      • Set Price of in-app Purchases
      • Manage Ads
      • Manage Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)

      Available Translations :

      • English : Default OKDate Language
      • Deutsch/German Language (Available for Download on MyOKDate.com)
      • Italian Language


      Version 2.1 [10/02/2017]

    • Bug Fixes
    • Version 2.0 [10/05/2016]

      • NEW! – Android App
      • NEW! – iOS App
      • Added – area in back-end to configure app store links
      • Added – appstore links on home page
      • Added – Full featured image editor for admins
      • Added – Terms of Service during sign up
      • Fixed – Images position issues on iPhone
      • Fixed – upload images on iPhone 6 bug
      • Fixed – favicon issue
      • Fixed – When timeline is off in original both about and photos tabs become active
      • Fixed – bug with reported user deletion
      • Fixed – Missing image at top right when i did not provide an image when created the user
      • Modification – Now you don’t need to be friends to send a message
      • Fixed – Several minor UI bugs
      • Version 1.9.3 [18/06/2015]

        • NEW Facebook Login
        • FIX Reported Users

        Version 1.9.2 [10/01/2015]

        • FIX menu on Android Phones
        • FIX disable zoom on mobiles / tablets
        • FIX pagination issue
        • FIX message is now well displayed on loves page
        • FIX filters which displayed 0 instead of everywhere for countries
        • FIX icon & text in modal box
        • FIX emoticons / smileys

        Version 1.9.1 [09/29/2015]

        • FIX for the mobile menu
        • FIX for the gallery of users which was not well displayed
        • FIX for default language which was not applied to the welcome page
        • FIX for the autocomplete Google Api

        Version 1.9 [09/27/2015]

        • NEW Design started from scratch
        • NEW Theme Options
        • NEW User Generator from Admin Area
        • NEW Multi-Language System
        • NEW 404 Page Design
        • FIX Timestamp Issues
        • FIX Filters Issues
        • FIX Currency Issues
        • FIX Duplicate Messages in Chat

        Version 1.8.1 [09/11/2015]

        • Major Fixes: Security issues fixed. Thanks for the support of the user @Phalon for helping me to spot & solve them.
        • Bug Fix: When creating / editing custom pages in administration
        • New: Delete comments on photos

        Version 1.8 [09/08/2015]

        • New : Photo Likes & Comments (just like Facebook)
        • New : Add custom fields on user profiles from admin area
        • New : Custom Pages can now be displayed on the landing / welcome page
        • New : Currency management from admin area
        • New : Possibility to configure the online delay from admin area
        • New : Possibility to remove the user timeline from admin area
        • New : Possibility to disable country selection from admin area (it means that your OKDate website can now be restricted to only one country instead of the world).
        • New : Reported Content in admin area (a place where you can remove / hide) reported content
        • New : Login with username or email
        • Fixes : Security flaws fixed
        • Fix : Featured users now reappear in admin area

        Version 1.7.1 [09/02/2015]

        • New : Completely New Landing page / Unlogged page template with last registered users.

        Version 1.7 [09/02/2015]

        • New : User Photo Gallery
        • New : Improvements on the User Profiles (last online date, online status, tabs…)
        • New : Manage languages directly from the admin area – set the default language, create language redirections…
        • New : Set photo upload limit in admin area
        • Fix : An issue with Stripe
        • Fix : SQL speed improvements

        Version 1.6 [08/26/2015]

        • New : Multi-languages Support
        • New : Ability to add coin to users from admin area
        • Fix : An issue where not logged-in users were able to access to the forum

        Version 1.5 [08/24/2015]

        • Big New Feature : Complete Coins System with Powerful Premium Features (Browse Invisibly, See Who Loves You, Get Featured for One Week or One Month)
        • Several minor bug fixes

        Version 1.4 [08/19/2015]

        • New : Complete forum system with ability to create topic / answer / delete / edit and admin area!
        • New : Live Chat (finally!)
        • New : Custom pages with a nice text editor in admin
        • New : Paygol integration (SMS payments)
        • Fix : Social networks icons not displayed on every pages
        • Fix : Broken default avatar
        • Fix : Time when a message is sent

        Version 1.3.1 [08/14/2015]

        • Fix : Bug when age restriction is enabled (issue reported by “philsoft“)
        • Fix : Upload of a new profile picture

        Version 1.3 [08/13/2015]

        • New : Smileys support
        • New : City with Google Maps autocomplete API
        • New : City filter
        • New : Option to limit the age for registration
        • New : Compatibility now starts at PHP 5.x
        • New : Button on the « edit user » page to delete a user account
        • Fix : Display of a conversation
        • Fix : the Welcome page design
        • Fix : the « forgot your password? » feature is now working well
        • Fix : HTML in user inputs are now forbidden
        • Mod : Display users even if they don’t have a profile picture

        Version 1.2 [08/11/2015]

        • New Theme for the Welcome Page
        • Responsive Improvements
        • Bug Fixes

        Version 1.1 [08/10/2015]

        • Reported issues fixed
        • Guide on how to update the script

        Version 1.0 [08/02/2015]

        • Base Version

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