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phpStatistics is an online social tracking tool that gives you the extraordinary ability to track unlimited accounts from different social networks ( Including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr ) including day by day tracking, premium accounts, top lists, favorites system and a beautiful and complex admin panel that you can manage the whole website with. It also comes with a Paypal and Stripe payment gateway so that your users can purchase benefits from your website.


phpStatistics Demo
Username: admin
Password: adminadmin


  • Check out the demo for a full feature list
  • Paypal Gateway: PayPal ready for your users to buy stuff from you :)
  • Stripe Gateway
  • Instagram Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Following and Upload count day by day
  • Youtube Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Subscribers, Videos and Views count day by day
  • Twitter Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Following and Tweets count day by day
  • Twitch Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Views count day by day
  • Tumblr Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Posts count day by day
  • Live Social Counter: Live Followers/ Subscribers counter for any accounts on the website
  • Premium Detailed Statistics: Premium Details with more charts and date selector for accounts which have purchased the Premium Packages from the website
  • Top 10 Lists for every Social Network: Get a detailed list view of the best accounts you are tracking
  • Facebook Login / Registration for users accounts
  • Instagram Login / Registration for users accounts
  • Favorites System: Any logged in account can keep track of their favorite accounts listed on the website
  • No Ads Package: Users who don’t want any ads, can purchase the No ads package
  • Premium Package: Premium account package for users who want more details of the social accounts
  • Responsive Design: Perfectly working on any screen size
  • Clean and modern design
  • Evolution Charts
  • Cron Job available if needed
  • many more..
  • Admin Features

  • Automatic Payment System: Earn money with packages sold through points ( Paypal )
  • Custom Pages: Easy add / edit / delete custom pages directly from the admin panel.
  • Users Management: View, Edit, Activate / Disable, Delete Users
  • Links Management: View, Edit, Delete Links
  • Dynamic Titles: Each page has a dynamic title, with the option to change your websites name
  • Restriction for Image Sizes
  • Analytics Ready Just enter your analytics tracking id and you’re ready to go
  • 4 Ready Adspots
  • reCaptcha: Setup your recaptcha directly from the admin panel
  • Multi Language System: Easy 1 file translation
  • Statistics with Charts: Great overall and monthly statistics
  • Complex Settings Controler: A lot of admin settings possibilities for your website and api’s implementations.
  • Requirements

    Please read the whole documentation along with the readme at phpStatistics Docs

    Recommended VPS Hosting: Link


    Update 1.5.0 @ 8 March, 2018

  • Fixed the order of the latest logs for all sources available ( previous it would show first 15 insted of last 15 Descending )
  • Added Premium badge in the account’s sidebar if the account is premium
  • Added more style to the favorites page and also added a total amount of numbers for each Source
  • Improved overall look of all the charts available
  • Fixed small bug where the end date would not display the current day’s log in the Detailed Stats Page of the User
  • Update 1.4.2 @ 3 March, 2018

  • Improved mobile experience on the index page ( Search submit button was added when on mobile and it is more responsive now )
  • Fixed some possible issues with the timings of the users checks ( very important to update for a more exact timing on the logs )
  • Added tumblr to the cron job
  • Fixed cron job timing checks
  • Update 1.4.1 @ 22 February, 2018

  • Fixed some potential bugs in the resend activation page and lost password page
  • Update 1.4.0 @ 18 February, 2018

  • Instagram login implemented
  • Improved admin panel workflow
  • Improved code performance
  • Small fixes on template ordering and structure
  • Update 1.3.1 @ 9 February, 2018

  • Fix for some Tumblr users who don’t have a title
  • Fix for some instagram private profiles
  • Update 1.3 @ 2 February, 2018

  • Tumblr added fully
  • Added CronJob possibility ( check documentation for a more indepth understanding )
  • Upgraded bootstrap files
  • Update 1.2 @ 19 January, 2018

  • Top 100’s for every source added
  • YouTube users can now be searched by their channel name ( after it’s been added to the database, it won’t work if the channel name you are trying to search is not already added )
  • YouTube user’s are now having their names in the title instead of the channel id
  • Fixed facebook registration bug
  • Fixed issue with views numbers for Twitch and Youtube, if views are higher than 2 billion
  • Update 1.1 @ 15 January, 2018

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Added
  • Removed the requirement of mysqlnd ( mysql native driver ) due to refactoring of the code
  • Fixed some permissions issues
  • Added extra checks and notifiers for different situations
  • Fixed a few small visual problems
  • Removal of a lot of things that are not useful / used. ( Code cleanup )
  • Updated Google Analytics system code
  • More stability improvements
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