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Always wanted to be an owner of a dating website? Your dream comes true with this really awesome Real-time Dating Website Theme! With many features you will find in this theme, our greatest feature is without doubt real-time communication between members using PHP WebSockets. This means no more complete page refreshing, no more bloated server requests from AJAX and no more long waiting times. The real-time communication techniques we are using are so incredibly fast you won’t even notice any delay between sending or receiving messages, notifications and other updates from members.

Demo website:
Login email:
Login password: 123456

Demo CMS administration panel:
CMS login email:
CMS login password: 123456

There are many dating websites online these days, but most of them are outdated, not responsive, bad looking and have a slow performance. We noticed this too and decided to create a brand new dating website theme using the latest techniques of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP 7!

We created a complete responsive dating website theme with a lot of features. Even a complete CMS administration panel is included!

Below we will list the key features of this theme:

– Homepage layout (1-pager)
– Multilingual website (English & Dutch language included, easy to add new one)
– Real-time PHP WebSocket dashboard (receive real-time chats & notifications)
– Account registration
– Account email verification (incl. HTML5 email template)
– Account password recovery
– Account login
– Account logout
– Member profile page
– Member profile interests
– Member profile ratings
– Member profile comments
– Member profile photo approval
– Member profile video approval
– Member blocking
– Member reporting
– Member private conversations
– Member notifications
– Member search
– Notification sounds by receiving new chats or notifications
– User roles (admin, employee, member)
– Profile badges
– Profile settings
– Profile deactivation
– Account settings
– General settings
– Results per page settings
– Public chatting in chat-room (add emoji’s to your message)
– World page (list all members around the world)
– Website introduction when logging in for first time
– Spotlight slider (slide member profiles, visible for everyone)
– Advertising space (for i.e. Google AdSense or custom code)
– SEO friendly
– Responsive (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart-TV)
– Multiple browser support (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge & IE)
– Screen reader support (WAI-ARIA)
– W3C compliant
– A complete CMS administration panel and much more!

Whats included?
– public website (html, css, javascript & php files)
– CMS administration panel (html, css, javascript & php files)
– sql database
– textual documentation (21 pages, incl. installation)
– link to video documentation
– professional terms and conditions (English and Dutch language)
– layered psd files
– notification sound for receiving private messages
– notification sound for receiving notifications

– Server: We recommend a VPS or Cloud hosting, but shared hosting might be enough, as long there is an open port to run the WebSocket server on.
– Software: At least PHP 7 & MySQL 5.6

Note: The images used on the demo website are NOT included in this package due licensing rules. Instead, these images are replaced by placeholder images.


Version 2.0.0 - 22-01-2018

- Fixed:    removing emoji image from message when backspace key was pressed in message input field in public chat
- Improved: multilingual grammar
- Improved: multilingual string encoding
- Improved: handling PHP sessions
- Improved: cronjob file to start automatically the WebSocket servers
- Improved: error logging for WebSocket servers, now output will be written to a file
- Improved: encoding charset when using PostgreSQL as PDO driver
- Improved: 64 characters limit counting in the public chat
- Improved: .htaccess URL rewriting
- Improved: .htaccess security
- Improved: way of handling live messages send from the CMS administration area to online members
- Added:    .htaccess URL rewriting examples in comments
- Added:    URL path definition constants to the General Settings section in the configuration file
- Added:    function for checking domain origin and implemented it in the controllers
- Added:    function for checking if the user is logged in and implemented it in the controllers
- Added:    page-hash to URL when switching from page in the CMS administration area
- Added:    dummy advertisements to database
- Changed:  .htaccess URL rewrite rules are commented out, which means they are optional to use
- Changed:  title from the navigation menu to the website domain constant
- Changed:  read and load the requested page from URL in the CMS administration area
- Moved:    configuration file to its own folder
- Moved:    phpseclib library to the Model folder of the site folder
- Moved:    server.pem file to the configuration folder of the site folder
- Moved:    server_key.ppk file to the configuration folder of the site folder
- Updated:  composer.json for site and cms folder
- Updated:  documentation

Version 1.0.1 - 06-01-2018
- Changed language code for English from "US" to "EN" in CMS servers.php
- Changed the date format to mm/dd/yyyy for adding or editing a member via the CMS administration panel
- Removed the string_replace function for English dates in timeEnglishTimestamp() function
- Removed the emailSend_org() function as this function is not used anymore
- Added new placeholder images for the HTML email template
- Corrected the path for the images inside the HTML email
- Corrected a SQL query to display the profile avatars in the members overview page of the CMS administration panel
- Added an url rewrite exeption for the CMS folder in the .htaccess file, to access the CMS administration panel via a subdomain
- Changed the domain url to "" inside the Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use (for English as well for Dutch)
- Updated the pdf documents for Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use (for English as well for Dutch)

Version 1.0.0 - 03-01-2018
- initial release

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