Free Download Dashman – Admin Dashboard Generator – $24 DASHMAN Dashman is a php script that automatically generates a working admin dashboard from your database. Dashman will take care of backend stuff, so that you focus on building amazing apps. Login Authentication Quick Statistics on data Data Graphs for relevantRead More →

Free Download ContactPLUS+ – PHP Contact Form – $5 Contact form built using PHP and Ajax. Simple and easy to use! Allows you to place a contact form anywhere on your website. We’ve included 2 styled versions and an un-styled version for building purposes. Already designed one? that’s fine. YouRead More →

Free Download Perfect Contact Us Form – $5 Perfect contact us form is bootstrap based contact form which can be easily integrated with HTML or PHP pages using just two files. All files has proper title according to their functionality. Perfect contact us form has jquery validation, two kind ofRead More →

Free Download MVC Form Generator – $14 V2 is available Form Generator for CodeIgniter 3 – Update the package with the version 3 of Codeigniter – Bug corrections V1.1 is available Form Generator for CodeIgniter framework is a clean form builder that can help you in every CI projects. –Read More →

Free Download B-check Forms – $9 THIS IS NOT A WORDPRESS PLUGIN Do you need a form with server side validation? – You need B-check Forms B-check forms – set of form elements and forms with server side validation. It consists of a large amount of elements: text inputs, fileRead More →

Free Download Form Class – AJAX, Validation, jQuery & Bootstrap – $8 Version 2 is now in development. Easier to use, more customization and more features! Introducing NeatForms – Powerful, flexible jQuery & AJAX powered Form System! Live examples and documentation is available at afflicto/demo/neatforms#intro”> – Go there!Read More →

Free Download Era Captcha – $9 Era Captcha is really simple and colorful captcha class. Some key features are: – Three-way verification [Session, Cookie, Session + Cookie both] – Three diffrent captcha style [Mathematics, random words and numbers, dictionary] – 3 line code block – Very easy to configure –Read More →

Free Download QuickValidate – $5 – Current version 1.0 – Introduction QuickValidate v1.0 is a PHP class consisting of optimized validation functions which can be used for your data validation. This class can be used for your form validation either on the server side or can be called from theRead More →

Free Download simpleAdminPlus – $8 Hi, simpleAdminPlus is designed to make database interactions easier by including functions that do all the heavy lifting for you. The class makes it easy to get rows from a database, display those rows on the page, and create paging by supplying the table name,Read More →